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AKBAR & BROTHERS was established in 1995 to offer consistent quality services and products to any vessel which requires supplies from any port of the PAKISTAN AND UAE. We are able to supply provision, boded store, technical store and general supplies requested by the masters, owners or agents.

Through the experience and the sufficient of our work we managed to keep the prices as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of services and goods. Our team has many years of experience in the industry of ship supply, and this helped as to quickly develop a reputation for the high quality standards of our provisions and services.

Our purpose is to perfectly serve any ship which requires our services regardless of the size of the order. We are able to offer you a quotation within twenty-four hours from the time we receive a request – depending on the size of the inquiry. The sooner we have your requirements the more able we are to offer better solutions and prices.



AKABR & BRITHERS supply scope ranges from Provisions and Bonded Stores to all kind of technical items for your Deck, Engine, Cabin and Galley Departments AT ALL PORTS OF PAKISTAN . An impressive assortment of more than 19,000 items which is permanently on stock. With our global Sea Catering Management ship owners and managers benefit from our global purchasing power and our experience.

Our team of experienced staff with a solid background in the marine, food and beverage industry ensure that our customers' requirements are met. We can source from an impressive assortment and strong supplier network.

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